No One Gets Out of Here Alive: A New Series

May 3, 2016 - 1 minute read

Dog Green Productions has recently optioned the book, Death’s Summer Coat: What the History of Death and Dying Teaches Us About Life and Living by Brandy Schillace, which will be adapted into a four-part documentary series. No One Gets Out of Here Alive will explore a wide range of subjects related to death, viewing it from an intersection of history, literature, medicine, anthropology, art, and science, among everyday people, grappling with everyday problems—among doctors, innovators, and money-makers. At the same time, No One Gets Out of Here Alive tells a singular story, our story, the history of how we lost our connection to death, and how we are seeking now to regain it. We will ask: How do we think about death today? How do we process and handle our fear of death? How do other cultures die? Mourn? Grieve? What can we learn? And can we do this differently? Individual stories of everyday people will guide the viewer on a singular quest to find this most intimate answer.

Death's Summer Coat_CVR