Dog Green Productions was founded by Max Lewkowicz, an award-winning, history-based documentarian with over 30 years of production experience.  Our production philosophy is based on merging uncompromising truth with powerful creative passion. We work for a select group of clients, creating historical and military presentations that are of the highest production standards and quality available in the world.

From the D-Day Landing Beaches in Normandy to the first Jamestown Settlement in Virginia, from stories of the horror of life and death in Auschwitz-Birkenau to “Checkpoint Charlie” in Cold War Berlin, Dog Green Productions’ primary focus has always been the historical, political and sociological stories that have been part of a continuously changing world.  With that mission, Dog Green Productions (named after a sector of Omaha Beach on D-Day) has produced countless award-winning documentary films and interactives for museums, television networks, exhibitions and interpretive centers located in places as varied as South Africa, France, Israel, the United Kingdom, Poland, Canada, and Japan.

Thus, while remaining a distinctly American entity with an office in New York City, Dog Green Productions understands that in today’s highly interwoven world, the pieces to a compelling story must be searched for and discovered in all the deep recesses of the globe. In that context, our firm has the deep-rooted capabilities of multiple languages, multinational production experience and powerful international expertise to fulfill that global mission.

Meet the team

Max Lewkowicz
Director/ Producer/ Writer
Valerie Thomas
Joseph Borruso
Senior Editor
Scott Shelley
Director of Photography